Orient Finance 🇱🇰 - Finance

Website Design for a financial services providing company.

Project Highlights

Page Speed Increased
Loading time 3.5 seconds
Bounce Rate Reduced
Revamped Online Presence
Increase in Enquiries


It was a challenging task to revamp the website, meeting all the necessary criteria and addressing the problems of the previous version. The entire data was consolidated and meticulous planning was done for multiple pages; most crucially for the calculator pages. After carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages, several alterations in colors and design mockups were approved.


Compile a collection of the client's preferred websites, search for color schemes that harmonize with the company logo, and outline all the necessary specifications. Collaborate with designers to create each page, ensuring a consistent theme and structure throughout. Once the design is approved, the website development phase commences. The website enables swift updates without the need for a developer


The website development proceeded seamlessly as all the tasks followed a systematic process, leading to the timely delivery of the website to the client. All the content was filled, and improvements were made to enhance the website's speed. Numerous aspects of the website were enhanced compared to its previous version. The site achieved an excellent performance grade, earning a high ranking.

Visual Highlights

Mobile Responsive

Designing website layouts that cater to various screen sizes poses a significant challenge. Given that mobile and desktop screens differ in size, users often find themselves repeatedly adjusting their screens to view the content. This website, however, addresses this issue by being mobile responsive, adapting seamlessly to the screen dimensions of the visitor's device. It is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that the website content fits perfectly within the screen it is being viewed on.

Unique Colors


Project Summary


  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Javascript


  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Hosting
  • Ongoing Support

Client Details

The team demonstrates a remarkable combination of attentiveness and calmness, displaying strong leadership attributes. Their collective unity fosters the company's accomplishments and propels the business to exceptional levels of growth and achievement.