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Interior design company offering design solutions, project management services as well as turnkey solutions.

Project highlights

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After the requirement gathering setting all the content to one page was a challenge, as in interior designing they took some time to accept the design by adjusting different sections of the page.


Understand all the points that the client suggested and gave a solution, where both parties are happy and agreed. Added different sections for projects, services and products to the website in a way that the users feel fruitful to get their service.


Website development by using their logo colours and having yellow as a theme was a good point. Made all the images and text editable from the backend. So that with the development, the client can update the website and anytime.

Visual highlights

Mobile Responsiveness

Creating website designs that suit every screen size is one of the challenges. Sankalpa Interiors website is a responsive mobile website that responds to the type of screen a visitor is using.

Unique Colors


Project Summary


  • WordPress


  • Website Design
  • Hosting

Client details

A client who moves with new technologies and always things to move with it.

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