First up, We are in the new era of marketing in 2021. This year is seriously a different year for everyone specially for sales and marketing with the digital influence. Now, what’s wrong with Cold calling in this era? Is it still worthy?

Have you got that disturbing call from a salesperson describing their products to you in the middle of a tight schedule? 

I receive a minimum of 2 cold calls per week from different companies who are trying to explain to me or sell me products that I don’t even want. It leaves me frustrated most of the time. Sometimes it makes me feel that cold calls are even unethical.  We all are working hard after the Covid 19 pandemic and packed with tight schedules. When there are better ways, why companies are still doing this cold calling for sales? 

check these better ways for sales

Most of the cold calls make me feel no good because as a  person who has a lot to cover within a day,  I hate that because a cold call changes my mood completely, and also it consumes my valuable time. Those calls even can make me feel bad about the whole product or the brand that they are talking about.

In the end, they leave a negative feeling in me about that brand and I might think twice before going for their products. 

cold calling

My opinion is that every salesperson should do proper research before start calling all the contacts they have. Identifying their target is essential and it can make the calls less disturbing to the receiver. I think it is important to have friendly conversations when selling than just cold calling every contact you have gathered. 

As a salesperson, the caller also may feel bad and regret being a ‘disturbance’ for other people. People may blame you and I believe that you should avoid that feeling and change the way. Me being a salesperson I encourage you not to be that ‘bad guy’ end of the day. 

cold calling is frustrated

We as humans have changed our harmful behaviors over time. Haven’t we?  Why can’t we change this cold calling habit? There are better ways, you can add more value to your sales calls because is extremely important how we communicate. 

Ineffective communications may ruin a brand.   Be positive and avoid being aggressive when doing sales. Provide more value to people with everything you do because time is very important for everyone and also you’ll sleep peacefully at night without a feeling of regret. 

Before you make that call think twice about the person on the other side. 


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