After quite a few minutes of discussion, Manoth, Thilina, Eshan and I decided to carry out the survey at a popular spot in Colombo. Majestic City.

We decided to carry out the survey by mouth and record information ourselves. Reaching Majestic City at about 12.45pm we attempted asking a few people and all of them refused to reply.

Realizing that carrying out the survey by mouth wouldn’t work, we agreed on putting the questions on paper with check-boxes so that people can easily fill in their answers. Writing the questions on paper we sent it to our office to be made into a soft copy, with which we took printouts.

We split into two, with Thilina and Manoth in one and Eshan and I in another. Almost all the  people were delighted to fill in the forms, except for a few who had no time to stop. By 5.30 we had filled in all the forms, satisfied we returned to office.

“It was pretty fun I must say. Lunch was amazing. The people were very supportive, none of them were rude. I must say it was a great experience”

We released the same survey online. And it was active for one week.

The results of the surveys were as follows:


The Offline survey


The Online Survey

After going through the results of the survey, Thilina and I decided that selling T-shirts wouldn’t be a feasible option since a majority of the individuals in the offline and online survey would not buy a clothing item online in the future. “Looks like I’m not gonna get some fancy T-shirts for myself after all”


Well upon asking a few people as to why they would not want to purchase a clothing item online they gave us the following reasons:

  • The sizes mentioned are not always right
  • The materials are always different to the one mentioned on the website.
  • Always better to try it on before buying clothes to see if it is suitable for a person. This cannot be done when clothes are bought online


“Well, their concerns are actually true and the very same concerns I have on purchasing clothes online”


We thought of several methods as to how we could overcome the problem but we couldn’t find a proper solution. We then decided to change the product we sell. Thilina thought it would be lovely to sell products made by differently-abled people and help them through this venture. He also told me that the domain name suited it very well.


With that in mind we realized that we haven’t started off with the website yet. We decided to have a discussion with our senior engineer at DoMedia Kelum within the course of the following week and also find places with differently abled people and have discussions with them so as to what we can do about selling products made by them. Stay Tuned for more.

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